Automated HR Dashboard

Challenge Summary

A customizable single hub digital solution to automate the end-to-end needs of Hiring Management both internal & external which includes - Recruitment, Onboarding, Training, Employee Engagement, and reporting with no loss of productivity for HR.

Challenge Scenario

Vedanta is one of the largest conglomerates globally, the majority of the hiring at Vedanta is through campus programs interventions for which Vedanta receives thousands of applications every year across India. Currently, most of the ATS, onboarding, training & evaluation processes are done manually by the HR team is thus time consuming and involves a significant manual intervention. The new system should automate the process of hiring, appraisal, and alumni network and integrate it with the existing workflow catering to the needs of ad-hoc requirements from various stakeholders from different departments.

Profile of the End-User

Prospective Talent : Seeking opportunities to build their career.

Employees : Seeking challenging opportunities that complement their skills and competencies and thereby grow within the organisation.

Managers : Looking for best talents to guide & develop their team

Leadership : Developing a culture to build the organisation of tomorrow

Functional Requirements of the End-User

  • Smart Workflow - Automated ATS enabling easy application for each open role
  • End-to-End Solution - Track Hires and always synced with the applicant tracking system.
  • Vault - Manage employee documents more efficiently and keep it secured.
  • Alumni Program - Discover great talent within the internal company/ organisation network.

Functional & Operational Capabilities

  • Full integration with the Applicant Tracking System to help manage and track the applicant pipeline.
  • Find the Ideal Candidate with automated candidate recommendations based on the hiring criteria and sync this with the ATS.
  • Easily import applicant profiles and send screened candidates for the senior management team through the Applicant Tracking System within a click.
  • Centralized Document Management System to easily store, share, manage, and approve the digital documents of employees.

Operational constraints

    • The platform should have comprehensive integration enabling single click no-code integrations into hundreds of applications to synchronize data, configure dynamic workflows, and automate any manual process such as report generation and access control.

Expected Tangible Benefits and Measurable Gains

  • Attract candidates - Make your candidates know about your culture, benefits, employees, and growth opportunities.
  • Less Time-Consuming - Help managers to spend less time scouting talents and thereby reduce time to fill positions.
  • Promote Transparency - Manage information such as Selection, Onboarding, Training, and Screening of Candidates.
  • Gain Insight - With through in-depth analytics reports gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

Performance Metrics or Outcomes

  • Personal development - Enable employees to achieve their career goals which also aligns with the organization too.
  • Reduce Attrition - Enhance employee satisfaction with continuous opportunities and better work conditions.
  • Prove ROI - Attribute hires and show the true ROI of recruiting efforts to your executives.
  • Alumni Network - Attract, Engage & Activate your former employees who are better suited for the new openings.