Automated Visitor Management System

Challenge Summary

Automated Visitor Management System to completely automate, accelerate and integrate the guest enrolment experience without compromising on the safety and security of the staff, visitors and company assets.

Challenge Scenario

Visitor and contractor management systems helps Vedanta better protect their employees, assets and manage visitors especially when having to deal with a very large number of contractors and visitors arriving on-site on a daily basis.

1. The current process is extensively manual and time taking, creating long ques during peak hours and huge loss of time for the visitors despite prior appointments.

2. There are limitations regarding the verifications of the documents or gate passes.

3. The current Guest Enrollment is followed by tedious security checks and induction process.

A visitor management system is able to play a wide range of security roles, such as anti-terrorism, proper identification, and monitoring of visitor and miscellaneous administrative purposes such as personal time attendance monitoring.

Profile of the End-User

The workforce which is not operating at a plant or office location and go outside for operational requirement (e.g. Stakeholder Relationship, CSR, Land Team, Pipeline Maintenance Team etc.) have to register their attendance offline when they report back to plant/office which maybe even after few days.

Before COVID, there were turnstile gates integrated with the contact-based bio-metric attendance cum access control system. To get access inside the Plant, employees/workers/visitors must place his or her finger on the biometric scanner for recognition/authentication. As soon as the reader verifies the person's identity, turnstile opens/remains shut based on granted access.

Functional Requirements of the End-User

  • A safe process not involving any physical contact/touch amidst COVID-19 spread
  • Providing the front desk security staff maximum situational site access control and awareness
  • Eliminating reliance on unproductive manual paperwork and man power intensive workflow processes
  • Accurately generate relevant and comprehensive visitor reports in real-time
  • Provide administrative and operational support for emergency evacuations

Functional & Operational Capabilities

  • Prevention of unauthorised intrusion/ Tailgating/ Proxy Punching.
  • Unmanned operations on the ground with the capability of detection, monitoring, automatic alarm and prevention mechanisms like automatic door/barrier/gate closure in case of anomaly detection.
  • Contact-less attendance cum access control system integrated with hardware.
    - Reliable, touch-less, more secure, high volume handling and made in India solution.
    - Compliance to mask and social distancing can be observed through analytics.

Operational constraints

  • Manpower engagement in the existing systems.
  • Understanding and compiling of visitor feedback takes a backseat due to lack of automated process.
  • Integration of existing software's like Savior, TMS & SAP

Expected Tangible Benefits and Measurable Gains

  • Manpower in pass section can be further optimized.
  • TAT time for Visitors can be improved.
  • Induction process can be ensured 100% as kiosk will not allow gate pass without induction questions being attempted.
  • It should eliminate visitors from meeting without prior appointments.
  • OTP based system will increase the ease of security as well as visitors.

Performance Metrics or Outcomes

  • TAT of visitors from arriving at the pass section and receiving of gate pass can be considered as a performance indicator.
  • Good Human Resource governance
  • Live count of human resource including offsite / in-field / travelling resources
  • Reduced number of access violations/exceptions (aimed to be zero)
  • Assurance of 100% detection of anomalies, analysis and accordingly consequence management can be further strengthened