Connected Workers and Assets

Challenge Summary

To enhance the cognitive capabilities of workers by helping him interact with connected assets to make tacit data-driven decisions resulting in improved performance and safety while reducing maintenance requirements.

Challenge Scenario

Today, operators work in traditional silos where they handle multitudes of equipment assessing different information systems in the facility to perform a task. The existing system does not enable front-line workers to do a timely intervention and they have to reach out to the control room for any course correction. This process has a longer turn-around time and is highly incompetent without real-time interaction with the system impacting the value realization.

Profile of the End-User

- Front-line Workers

- Managers

Functional Requirements of the End-User

  • Real-time condition monitoring of an asset from any remote location
  • Detect any anomalies in the process and make necessary changes

Functional & Operational Capabilities

  • Oversight view of all assets and a detailed view of all process across all location
  • Instant notification in event of any failure or downtime of assets

Operational constraints

  • The solution should be easily retrofittable into the existing system
  • The system should be Plug and Play and avoid nay special product training

Expected Tangible Benefits and Measurable Gains

  • To monitor productivity levels, safety performances, and exercise access control
  • To enhance maintenance and safety of assets

Performance Metrics or Outcomes

  • Decreased capital costs, spending, and labor costs
  • Reduce maintenance and downtime of assets