Critical asset monitoring systems for Aluminium Smelters

Challenge Summary

The Aluminium extraction process involves usage of numerous assets for quality production of aluminium. The process involves critical assets such as :

a. Vibro compactors which is used for the production of the graphite or carbon anodes used in the electrolysis process of aluminium smelting.

b. Pot tending machine (PTM) which is used for the following functions in the aluminium smelter:

Anode extraction, Crust-breaking, Cleaning shovel, Anode covering, Metal and Bath ladle lifting hoist, Insulating control system, Anode levelling system, on-the-fly systems, Hood handling device, Lifting cabin, Automatic sequencing of pot assembly and Tapping regulation.

The regular breakdown of these assets cause huge production loss. Intelligent monitoring systems to constantly monitor critical parameters of such assets to improve the reliability of such critical assets and alert the users to take corrective action is required.