Marketing platform for Agro and Dairy products

Challenge Summary

Vedanta's Business units are involved in helping women and local co operatives in producing farm, non farm and diary based products through their CSR initiatives. These local communities face issues of price risk, information asymmetry about demand, distribution inefficiency and receive late payments. Intelligent platforms are required to improve the outreach of these fresh products beyond the local communities and serve larger markets, improve the quality of handling the produce and gain better market sustainability.

Challenge Areas
  • Cairn's Dairy cooperatives have cumulative milk production of 17500 litre per day in Barmer district but milk is sold to state dairies rather converting into milk products and value addition and selling it to market through low cost machinaries which can be afforded and maintained easily by cooperatives.
  • Handlooms or handicrafts produced by local women groups are struggling to get proper market and sustainability.
  • Farm produce through Household Kitchen Garden initiatives under CSR need wider outreach for better market opportunities.