Material Outward Management System

Challenge Summary

A system to track the outward movement of material as per user's / stores confirmation of Stores Issue Voucher (SIV) and also check and maintain the record of the same in the internal SAP platform in order to maintain transparency and realtime data on material moving out of the sites.

Challenge Scenario

Due to lack of access to the actual list of material issued in SAP, there may be an exit of material from stores against Expired Store Issue Voucher (SIV) or SIV which is not posted in the internal SAP platform.

Current system do have data regarding material issued in SAP but not the data of material removed physically from stores. Existing process do not have any control on time limit of material issue and material exit from stores.

Profile of the End-User

Security Personnel

Existing Method : Material exited from stores are maintained manually in register based on stores Store Issue Voucher (SIV) slip where there are chances of material exit without SIV posting as there is no access for security personnel to check whether the SIV is valid one or posted in SAP.

Functional Requirements of the End-User

A mobile based app

  • Once material against a particular SIV exited in the portal it will be removed from the list and thereby it will restrict user for multiple uses of same SIV for the material exit.
  • It will allow getting real-time data on the list of materials exited, pending to exit against Posted SIV.
  • Issued material not lifted from stores within a fixed time will be deactivated automatically and required approval from stores/security team to exit thereby it will put control on time limit to exit material against SIV posted in SAP.

Functional & Operational Capabilities

  • In addition to functional features stated above, the system should have all other features of a standard material outward movement tracking platform such as.
  • Details of the material exiting the site.
  • Approval of Store Issue Voucher (SIV).
  • Posting of details according to SIV by the store personnel.
  • Personal Details / Vehicle details for tracking purposes of the material.
  • Recording of all data in the SAP platform.

Operational constraints

  • The current existing system is not on a web platform. It is maintained manually hence data tracing is difficult.
  • The current system lacks transparency in material exit against the wrong SIV, SIV not posted, Multiple uses of same SIV. These have to be overcome.

Expected Tangible Benefits and Measurable Gains

  • 100% tracking of material exited from stores.
  • Transparency of physical exit of material and SIV posted in SAP.
  • Real time data on material exited on a particular date.

Performance Metrics or Outcomes

  • Transparency in material outward movement from stores.