Situational Awareness Intelligence and Vigilance

Challenge Summary

A system to enhance situational awareness, intelligence and vigilance in order to mitigate security related business risks which are detrimental to the organisation, through prediction of likely events based on leading indicators. Successful Insights and foresights generation through in depth analysis of information from disparate sources, repository of past incidents and emerging threats.

Challenge Scenario

Vedanta being a large conglomerate has large numbers of personnel (employees, contractors and other stakeholders) tied across each of its business units. The characteristics / attitude such as vested interests, non-compliance of few personnel often poses a threat to the safety and security of a larger group of people and property of the organisation which needs to be safeguarded.

For Instance : In case of an event such as strikes, there are a lot of leading indicators on the communication content between people, behavioural change. Currently these leading indicators for such events are analysed only after an event had taken place. Usually people are embedded in teams to notice all such activities in employees but this method is not efficient as there are a lot of indicators which are missed to be read.

Strikes are just one type of event, similarly there are many such events which are detrimental to the business units and their operation. These events need to be predicted as early as possible based on the leading indicators to mitigate risks to the people, assets and operations of the business units.

Profile of the End-User

Security , Intelligence and Vigilance crew at Vedanta

Functional Requirements of the End-User

  • A system that successfully harnesses data from open source and other diverse sources on a continuous basis (as well as privileged and propriety information) for deep analysis and triangulation based on our areas of interest, help in prediction of events in a timely manner.
  • To establish vast and effective network of real time reliable information for proactive situational awareness, early warning, process information for intelligence of business enterprise, actionable insight generation.
  • Share relevant information on industry and peers post analysis on daily/weekly /monthly basis pertaining to the business area, district, state and country.
  • The data is to be harnessed from information available open source and Vedanta Eco system in order to successfully predict the likely turn of events, data to be classified as system based or human sources. Sources of information :
    • Open source - Information from disparate sources such as social and digital media, messaging platforms, multi lingual media, vernacular newspapers and newsletters, internal communication channels, etc.
    • Closed group - Information not necessarily captured in any system available on ground - unions, pressure groups, anti-social elements, advocacy groups, NGO's, partners, etc.
    • Legal, Official and Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) Channels - information with district administration, police and other LEA
    • Internal - Information within organisation through communication channels, networks, etc.

Functional & Operational Capabilities

  • A digital platform with a convergence of data and information with privileged access which can be leveraged for up to date & near real-time analysed information with intelligence and predictive foresight. An indicative list of features which will help achieve this are as follows:
    • Digital platform with capability for hindsight reporting, insights generated (reporting) and foresight (predictions) with geo spatial dashboards.
    • Access to 'Dark Web' and 'Deep Web'*: Access to un-indexed information/portals/reports/intelligence which is beyond the reach of common search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, etc.
    • Focus on the analytics engine to analyse the input and eventually predict events.
    • Intuitive and simple UI and self-driven to cater for needs of users across the spectrum.
    • Reliable and controlled access to the app / platform for inputs to be provided only to select people.
    • A ranking system for scores on quality of input to assign trustworthiness based on actionable intelligence should be captured in the system
    • Need to pick details such as date and time stamp, geographical location from the device posting the data itself.
    • Integration of Alert Management with other communication tools like email, SMS, WhatsApp
    • Enterprise wide and BU specific User Interface
    • Monitoring of local and hyper-local events at tactical levels - ground zero with in-depth analysis report
    • Trend Analysis of events - Pattern and Prediction/forecast of events for prevention/containment
    • Categorization of key media, administrative, political and labour union figures- pro / anti company
    • Risk heat map generation and dynamic monitoring of potential high risks including key executives

Operational constraints

  • Ability to seamlessly integrate and interface for tactical information from various source systems and input in any form (plain text, images, audio and video).
  • It should work on desktops as well as mobile devices such as android platform.
  • Legal licences to be obtained for implementation of the system
  • It should seek veracity of Information on every single input to ensure high quality of filtered information.

Expected Tangible Benefits and Measurable Gains

  • Mitigate Security related risks which are detrimental to the business.
  • Enhanced awareness about the content shared and possible threats to the company
  • Helps take preventive action
  • Can help shape events with proactive action / advocacy

Performance Metrics or Outcomes

  • Reduction in the incidents of mishaps in the company
  • Successful prediction of events
  • Increasing levels of confidence in event predictions