Smart energy management system

Challenge Summary

To have intelligent energy management system to manage energy consumed (electrical power, fuels) and reduce wastage & operational expenditure , optimise energy distribution.

Challenge Scenario

Mining and Smelter operations are energy-intensive. Energy Cost contributes to 50 to 60 % of the Cost of Production. Power and Fuel (Solid, Liquid and gaseous states) are used in the plants day to day operational activities. Currently the energy management for these systems is not proper resulting in wastage, improper distribution, excessive consumption and high operational costs. Smart Energy management solutions are the need of the hour for the reduction in demand for energy.

Profile of the End-User

Process supervisor (Mining and Smelter operations)

Functional Requirements of the End-User

  • Reduction of energy losses by using drives with high efficiency, optimization of fuel consumption.
  • Usage of alternate fuel having low cost and low carbon footprint.

Functional & Operational Capabilities

  • Constant monitoring of energy consumed
  • Intelligent energy management system to manage energy and reduce waste
  • Proper distribution of energy

Operational constraints

  • High temperature and magnetic fields

Expected Tangible Benefits and Measurable Gains

  • To reduce at least 10% energy demand in Smelters and Mines.

Performance Metrics or Outcomes

  • Power consumption metrics at Smelters and Mines