Digital work permit management system

Theme: Legal & Compliance Management

Expected Pilot Duration: 2 Months

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Challenge Summary

The work permits are now handled manually by taking printouts and teams spend a lot of time to maintain the paperwork for the same. Therefore, we are seeking a digital work-permit management system to manage the work permits effortlessly & seamlessly.

Challenge Scenario

For processing the work-permits we currently take the following actions manually. This manual action is very cumbersome and also hard to track the ongoing and expiring work-permits in the real-time. This leads to increased TAT for preparing the work permit and viewing the status of on-going work. Seeking a digital solution to have a paperless work permit system with digital signature so as to reduce time for permit preparation/status viewing.

Current manual work permit generation and management process:

  • Initiate notification
  • Order creation
  • Permits initiation
  • Isolation Request
  • Approval for isolation
  • Isolation process
  • work order approval
  • Printout & handover

Currently, the approver needs to be in the vicinity of the work-station to provide approval and paper based approvals are provided for execution. The current system is based on SAP and a very basic level of data is available for management purposes. The current process takes 30 mins for processing of work permits.

Therefore, we are seeking a digital work-permit management system for our premises that shall reduce the turn-around time of issuing and handling work permits.

Profile of the end users

Area Owner

Responsible for providing approvals and managing the completion of the work.

Job Executor

Responsible for executing the work as assigned by the Area owner.

Safety Officer

Responsible for ensuring the safety of the persons in charge.

Isolation Officer

Responsible for isolation of equipment based on the requirements from the area owner.

Solution Requirements

Web and mobile/tab based notification system to facilitate faster turn-around-time (TAT) for work-permits.

Multiple levels of authorization matrix to be managed by an administrator.

Dashboard to track, monitor & manage the work permits on a real-time basis.

Safety Personnel Protective Equipments (PPEs) shall be suggested to users based on the job category of the work (Work at height, confined space, hot work etc.)

Ability to initiate the job request and the order be created by the area owner

Categorization of different permits within the system for different job natures.

The job order shall be acknowledged by all the concerned persons involved.

Ability to raise an isolation request to the relevant persons.

Tracking and monitoring of the approval process by superusers.

Authorization of different persons for various permit related functions.

Approval of work order and send notifications to various stakeholders involved in conducting the job.

Provision to attach documents in formats like: pdf, word, jpg, png.

Ensure the digital signatures are recorded for legal purposes.

Legally accepted authorizations shall be enabled for 3rd party contractors, who will be approvers as part of the process.

For 3rd party workers & contractors historical data needs to be tracked and recorded for future use, including safety training.

Security: Industry standard security licenses should be available for cloud based solutions and SAP Integration.

Integration: The solution should be integrable with the existing WS system to provide all deliverables stated above.

Digital Authorizations: Digital signature of the 3rd party contractors is currently not registered in the SAP system. However, it needs to be taken care of. Currently they possess ID cards and employee code.

Safety: If a movement is detected for the user, the application shall popup warnings for safety concerns.

Geofencing: The persons involved shall be within the plant premises while authorizing the work permits.

Expected Outcomes

1. Quantified Metrics & Outcomes:
Operational KPIs/Metrics Current Value Expected Target Value
Turn-around time for an permit preparation 30 mins 10 mins
Man days spent for permits (8 Hrs) 684 Man Days/Yr. 226 Man Days/Yr.
2.  Qualified Outcomes:
Current State Target State (Expected)
< 80% safety compliance 100% safety compliance
3.  ESG Impact:
Metrics Current Value Target Value (Expected)
Reduction of paper usage 73k papers per annum 0

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