Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Vedanta Spark?

    Vedanta Spark is a global Corporate Innovation & Ventures program looking to partner with market-stage, growth-stage and venture-stage Digital Tech startups driving Industrial Digital Transformation in AI, IoT, edge computing, robotics, power electronics, visual intelligence, additive manufacturing etc. for strategic innovation initiatives.

  • What is the application criteria or eligibility?
    1. Tech startups working with products in energy & resources, safety, process & asset optimisation, etc.
    2. Startups with operational product or prototype
    3. Prototypes tested through industrial deployments
    4. Higher Preferences to startups that have already completed paid pilots or user-trails
    5. Higher Preferences to startups that have already completed paid pilots or user-trails
  • What are the steps involved in the application selection process work?

    Applications are selected through a rigorous 3-level evaluation process:

    1. Level 1 - Screening: On the basis of relevance to the challenge, company maturity, completeness of the application and value creation potential for Vedanta
    2. Level 2 - Startup Pitch: Qualified applicants are going to be evaluated on the basis of certain parameters like Technology Advantages, Product Advantages, Market Traction, Growth Potential, Team & Capabilities through a pitch to the expert panel.
    3. Level 3 - Detailed Evaluation: A detailed analysis of Enterprise Value Proposition that the startup can offer to Vedanta is examined in depth. Post which the winners of the cohort will be identified & announced.

  • How do the participating startups benefit from the program? What are the distinctive advantages of the program?
    1. Opportunity to collaborate & partner with Vedanta Group-one of the largest energy & resources companies with 12 Business Units across the globe
    2. Leverage Vedanta's capabilities, resources and domain expertise in the energy & resources sector
    3. Opportunities for strategic investments for startups that create significant value to Vedanta
  • How do the participating startups benefit from the program?/What
    are the distinctive advantages of the program?

    Vedanta Spark provides a unique opportunity for industrial technology start-ups to collaborate and partner with one of the largest Energy & Resources companies in the world. Startups can leverage Vedanta's capabilities, expertise and massive reach in the energy & resources sector through the program. Top startups stand an opportunity to strategically partner with Vedanta as their innovation partners and be shortlisted for a strategic investments through the Spark Ventures program.

  • What are our key focus areas?

    1. Environmental, Social & Governance - To achieve zero harm, zero waste & zero discharge across operations at Vedanta.
    2. Digital Core - To bring technological innovations in mining, metals, and oil & gas to digitally transform Vedanta's core business.
    3. Allied Excellence - To embed digital capabilities into the allied functions that enable additional business value unlocked from the core operations.
    4. Emerging Technologies - To digitally transform the areas of commercial operations, legal & compliance, training, and digital enablement of the workforce.

  • Can I apply if I am not in India?

    Vedanta Spark is a global program and hence Startups from across the globe can participate in the program.

  • Can I apply for more than one Challenge?

    Yes, if your solution is multifaceted-addressing multiple use-cases, you can apply to multiple challenges.

  • Would there be any implications on the Intellectual Property of my product/solution?

    The intellectual property shall remain with the founders and the startup.

  • I still have questions, how can I reach the Vedanta Spark team?

    We'd be more than happy to answer your questions. Send us an email at spark@vedanta.co.in

  • How long will it take to receive a response to the application?

    It will take about 20 - 30 days for us to intimate you on the status of your application

  • What additional documents do I need to submit for an applications?

    You have to submit a pitch deck for the solution you are proposing. The other information that is to be provided is detailed in the application form with relevant help texts.

  • Does this program entail a fee for participation?

    There is no fee involved for the participating

  • Can I apply for investments from Vedanta?

    No, there is no application based sourcing process for Investments. Only startups that have partnered with Vedanta directly or through the Spark Acceleration program are eligible.

  • When is a startup eligible for investments from Vedanta?

    The startup should have successfully completed at least one pilot engagement with one or more business units of Vedanta and should have delivered value.

  • I have not participated in the Spark Accelerator Program but have worked with Vedanta in the past, will I be eligible for receiving investments from Vedanta?

    Yes, based on your engagements with Vedanta, you will be eligible for receiving investments