Online monitoring of water supply pipelines to identify water leakage

Theme: Water Positivity

Expected Pilot Duration: 3 Months

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Challenge Summary

Water supply pipeline from MK Dam to the RDC plant is approx. 25 Kms long. Real-time monitoring of leakages is done through only 2 flow meters located at both ends of the pipelines. This leads to delayed response times due to the time taken to identify the leakage points. A comprehensive solution is needed to identify and locate leakages in real-time.

Challenge Scenario

Water to the RDC plant is sourced from MK DAM which is 25 Km away from the RDC Plant. This pipeline passes through various villages, farms and other remote areas. Most of the water pipeline is underground, hence, inaccessible. We cannot manually monitor water leakages continuously for the entire length, therefore leading to delayed response time to water leakages. The delayed response results in water loss of 15-20% of supplied water i.e 100,000-150,000 m3/annum water. On the other hand, farmers face losses due to damaged crops/soil caused by excessive water leakage, the cost/compensation for the damage is borne by the RDC plant.

Currently there is flow meter installed only at inlet and outlet, i.e. MK Dam & RDC plant only. Therefore, a comprehensive real-time monitoring solution is needed to identify, quantify and pinpoint the locations of leakages.

(Note: For cost estimation purposes, piping routing details shall be provided upon shortlisting for Expert Evaluation)

Profile of the end users


Responsible for water supply through all three-water supply pipelines and managing water for the location. Due to the unavailability of a centralized system to monitor the long pipeline in real-time, finding and arresting water leakage in the pipeline is cumbersome.

Smelter and power operation team

The operation team uses water for lead and zinc production in the smelter and electrical power production. This operation team monitors available water stock and maintains safe water stocks for day to day water consumption.

Solution Requirements

Real Time Monitoring of the water pipelines leakages

Early detection, location and instant notification of water leakages in the pipeline

Facilitate quick alarm to identify pipeline leakages accurately on a zonal/location basis

Quantify & assess the water & monetary loss due to respective leakages

Length of pipeline: MW pipeline is 25 Km long and traverses through remote areas, which lack access to power lines.

Installation/Integration: The solution should be easily integrable into the existing systems, without any major modifications.( If required, piping routing details will be provided on demand, at the time of installation)

3. Security: Industry-standard security licenses should be available for cloud-based solutions. Theft and tampering issues in the remote area need to be addressed.

Expected Outcomes

1. Quantified Metrics & Outcomes:
Operational KPIs/Metrics Current Value Expected Target Value
Water Loss 1000 m3/day <300 m3/day
Cost of water loss: 20% of water budget <3% of water budget
2. Qualified Outcomes:
Current State Target State (Expected)
Water saving 700 m3/day

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