Supply Chain Management for sourcing & Managing E-waste

Theme: Wealth out of Waste

Expected Pilot Duration: 3 Months

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Challenge Summary

We are looking for partners who can source e-waste from various sources on our behalf and supply the right mix to our mother plant for further processing.

Challenge Scenario

Vedanta Limited is committed to ESG leadership in the natural resources sector and looking for partners to be a part of this journey.

E-waste is a fragmented industry and needs proper collection channels in the local markets. The collection centers are responsible for engaging with local industries and government entities to secure raw material and supplies along with other waste management sources.

Currently, we are facing a challenge in continuous sourcing of e-waste raw material. Our current partners are unable to satisfy the current demand of e-waste raw material. Therefore, we would like to source e-waste via a partner with collection and supply managed through digital technology.

Profile of the end users

Sourcing team

Sourcing the e-waste based on the requirement of the plant.

Operations team

Ensure the quality of the raw material received and processing of e-waste for copper extraction

Solution Requirements

Possible alternate application of off-spec polymer or waste polymer can be explored as

Activities involved for E-waste collection, segregation & supply to be recorded and documented on the digital platform.

Collection process: Collecting e-waste like computer motherboards or equivalent PCBs.

Segregation Process: Segregation of e-waste as per copper composition after collection

Supply Process: The segregated e-waste shall be supplied to the plant premises as suggested for further processing

E-waste shall be delivered with the right quantity & quality at the site.

The partner shall have potential collaborations with major players in handling e-wastes.

Process involved from ordering to delivery to be tracked in a digital manner like web portal or mobile application

Ensure continuous supply of E-waste as per the requirement.

Requirement of the E-waste shall for the different categories such as computer, Laptop ,Mobile phone Motherboards, PCB's of electrical appliances, be segregated based on the copper composition.

Expected Outcomes

1. Quantified Metrics & Outcomes:
Operational KPIs/Metrics Current Value Expected Target Value
Supply of e-waste 0 1250 Tons (start)
2. Qualified Outcomes:
Current State Target State (Expected)
Technology for sourcing of e-waste - None Digital Sourcing or other sourcing channel
3.  ESG Impact:
ESG Metrics Current Value Expected Value/State
Reduction of CO2 emissions/MT of Copper production - 1100 kg CO2 eq.

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