Increasing the ratio of lumps production in Iron Ore Extraction

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Expected Pilot Duration - 6 Months

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Challenge Summary

The current extraction procedure and equipment used for processing, limits the Lumps production ratio to 23% max. Attaining a majority ratio in providing lumps to the customers than fines will increase revenue and attract new bidders to the vedanta iron ore.

Challenge Scenario

In the Iron Ore Extraction process, the ratio of lumps (>10mm in size) is very less when compared to fines(Powdered ore) (<10mm in size) in the output. There is a need for a solution that can integrate into any of the existing processes (Crushing/Handling) of Iron Ore extraction to increase the percentage of lumps in the final output. This as a result will further increase profits to Vedanta as lumps are sold at a higher price in comparison with fines. Currently lumps form only 23% of the total processed ore. ROM (Run of Mine) is fed into the series of crushers and screens to generate Lumps & Fines product.

Profile of the end users

Sales Team (Head Marketing)

The team gets to bid lumps at higher rates therefore increasing revenue.

Solution Requirements

Study the Ore Mineralogy, ROM top Size, Crushing and screening efficiency, Handling etc.

Comparative analysis of different processing plants and technology

Optimizing handling to reduce fines generation

Should be able to synchronize within the existing process

Yield loss or recovery loss during the process should justify the techno economics and make business sense

Integration - Should be an add-on or extension to the existing machines or change of technology

Product Training - The workers need to be trained on the change of process

Time Consumption - The conveyor run time should not be reduced as it will affect overall productivity (Feed rate will affect the throughput)

Expected Outcomes

1. Quantified Metrics & Outcomes:
Operational KPIs/Metrics Current Value Expected Target Value
Maximizing Lumps Production Ratio in Iron ore Karnataka 23% 40%
2. Qualified Outcomes:
Operational KPI/Metrics Current State Expected Target State
3. ESG Impact:
ESG Metric Expected Value/State

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