Sustainable handling of coal slurry unloading

Theme: Quantum Tech

Expected Pilot Duration - 3 Months

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Challenge Summary

Need for a sustainable solution for handling coal slurry unloading operation at river jetty at Value Added Business Unit, Goa.

Challenge Scenario

Coal Handling is monsoon season resulting in coal slurry formation in Vessels and barges and Unloading of coal slurry with the help of grab crane becomes challenging, time consuming & also resulting in huge handling loss which leads to value loss.

Profile of the end users


They have to use grab cranes to transfer slurry from Barges/Vessels into coal hopper/dumpers.

Solution Requirements

Sustainable solution for unloading coal slurry

High discharge rate for better TAT

Pumping mechanism which can help to discharge the coal slurry form barges into dumpers/Coal hoppers

Maintenance - The operational area is viscous and causes malfunction of equipment hence a well packaged and rugged solution is in demand.

Installation - The adopted solutions must be compliant with the governing laws of slurry disposal

Expected Outcomes

1. Quantified Metrics & Outcomes:
Operational KPIs/Metrics Current Value Expected Target Value
Quantum of Slurry Disposal 0 0.3 MnT
2. Qualified Outcomes:
Operational KPI/Metrics Current State Expected Target State
3. ESG Impact:
ESG Metric Expected Value/State

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